Friday, September 23, 2011

Understanding the Green Consumer

        Stonyfield organic Fat Free Milk $3.99 a healthy chose for a person that whats to have healthy drink.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preventing Green Fatigue

GE Energy Smart light bulb
The GE Energy Smart light bulb is a easy way to save money. The GE Energy Smart 13 watt light bulb Vs 60 incandescent light bulb
Example of Cost Savings13-Watt Spiral® Bulb60-Watt Incandescent
Initial Purchase Price
(per bulb)
Replacement Costs
(estimated 7 bulbs)
Energy Costs
(based on $0.10/kWh, 8,000-hour bulb)
Total Cost$15.77$50.16
Estimated Savings$34.39

Yes,the GE Energy Smart 13 watt light bulb cost more at the initial price but the Energy cost is a $36 difference. With an over all savings of $34.39.