Friday, October 28, 2011

Green Building

A way a restaurant can become greener is some things like.

1.       Use solar power. It may cost more now but when your bill for electricity goes down you will be happy.
2.       Use paper cups for kids instead of plastic. It might feel different but it still gets the job done.
3.       Use reusable napkins instead of disposable napkins. It will lower some of your spending.
4.       Get more light in to the building. Use what is given in the summer.
5.       Use locally grown products. It will help with local economy.
6.       Get rid of paper towels and get air dryers. This too will help with some spending cost’s
7.        Get rid of the old toilets and get energy efficient toilets. That is help save some money on your water bill.
8.       Use energy efficient light bulbs. This will help with the cost of buying light bulbs.
9.       Use bio-degradable take out box. This will help on the environment.
10.   Use a tablet for taking orders. This will help you not have to buy so much paper.   

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